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Glad to meet you on the pages of the Russian Tolkien Slash Project.

This site is dedicated to Russian and English Tolkien slash fanfiction. As I wish to make the site bilingual, I'll try my best to make it easy both for English- and Russian-speaking persons to orient here.

The News section comes out in Russian, but you can subscribe to the site's news in the language you prefer and get the updates alert on your email.

The page of Stories contains both Russian and English stories, but all of them are provided with bilingual annotations.

You can learn a bit about me at the Author page.

The Gallery doesn't need translating - the language of painting is understood without words.

So is Music, where you can download the songs slashers sing.

FAQ is only in Russian, but at the end of the page you can find a link to the English source.

You can vote for your favourite author and take part in lots of other polls at the Polls page.

If you want to ask me a question, send me your story, fanart, feedback or whatsoever, feel free to do it through the Contact page.

And finally, your opinion will be appreciated at the Guestbook, and welcome to the discussions at the Forum!

I hope you will enjoy it here.

Best regards, Jude.

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